Selecting and marking Potential Crop Trees: the 2-stick method

this short video will explain how to select unlock potential crop trees before broadly foot and is thinned for the first time using a very simple method that everyone can use in their own woodland we call it the to stick method when a broadleaf stand is thinned for the first time an essential part of this operation is to select and mark potential crop trees so how do we recognize the potential crop three potential crop trees are the best trees that those that are available they are disease-free have good stem form good figure and are evenly distributed throughout the stand I will now demonstrate the two stick method to begin we need two sticks standing between two rows of trees I place one stick into the ground I then count 20 planted positions one two three any planting positions where the missing tree should also be counted 19:20 when you reach the twentieth planting position you placed the second stick next I walk back up the rows and select potential crop trees on either side the number of potential crop trees or PCTs the only two mark is dependent on the species of tree and on the initial stocking density for example five to six PCT should be marked in sycamore there was planted a 2,500 stems per hectare whilst four to five PCT should be marked if the stocking was 3,300 stems per hectare for more information I recommend that you download the silver cultural guidelines for the tending and thinning of bored leaves from the Turkish forestry website Turkish dot ie slash forestry when considering a tree as a PCT it's important to look at it from two perpendicular angles the reason that I look at a tree from two perpendicular angles is because from one angle that we can look perfect but looking from the second angle you can see a band or a lien in the stem that is otherwise not possible to be seen you should mark your PCTs with a ring of paint so they can be seen from all directions when I get back to my first stick I turn around and start marking two competitors per PCT and diseased trees these trees should be marked with three spots of paint of a different color to that used for the PCTs when you reach the second stick continue past it and start counting 20 planting positions on one side and continue the process as before 1 2 by using the two stick method to mark potential crop trees and their competitors you will ensure that the correct number of PC tees are marked and that they evenly distributed throughout the stand after a short time marking trees using the two stick method you'll find that it becomes easier and you may be able to do it without using the two sticks just marking the trees up and down the lines as you go so get out into your woodlands mark those good trees it's well worth the effort

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