Loquat trees in Phoenix, Arizona

and behind you probably my most favorite fruit is the loquat I I love this thing forty reasons one the fruit is so delicious and the trees do so well I mean I have had no problem growing things in my yard super easy to grow where as my clean space as I've told a few people anybody that's ever tasted the loquat wants a loquat tree yeah if somebody comes in here and they're interested in the loquat and they're a little bit indecisive uh look for a ripe fruit mm-hmm and I'll give it to him I've never had anybody not buy a tree at that point there's just that delicious they're really good this one's got some good new frequent alright looks like he's in like what a ten gallon pot that's a seven gallon seven gallon Lobot is real popular in Japan the tree itself is native to China but it was introduced to Japan a long long time ago and the Japanese have essentially bred varieties that produce real heavily real sweet fruit with a smaller size seed so they can be grown from seeds and I've got a friend of mine that's got a number of seedling trees in his yard but these are all graham good these are all grafted they're guaranteed varieties they're going to produce consistent amounts of fruit every year they're going to produce sweet fruits every year we actually are having a hard time keeping these in stock because people just love them yeah and as you said they're a relatively easy tree to grow you know they don't get too huge so it's not going to be a carob or an ash or anything like that but after 10 or 15 years they're going to be a good size tree and it'll just produce mountains of food and they stay evergreen yeah yeah yeah they they don't drop their leaves in the winter time they're not at all sensitive to our levels of cold here so if I was planning a loquat and they had a particularly cold spot in my yard I would have no hesitation about planning a localized and what about the leads I heard the leaves can be used as well for teas yeah yeah I'm discovering a few of the other uses for loquat and the tea is used for various afflictions digestive issues and that sort of thing and also I've read is recommended for high blood pressure so if you've got a blood pressure problem some loquat leaf tea might help alleviate that I don't know I've never had that particular issue so I have a calming effect just in general it might you know it's really popular for that in fact if you go on ebay people sell bags of leaves real loquat we use and you know five or six dollars for a bags so if I grow a little bit of Kemeny on my garden I get my local pot leaves combine them absolutely I'm going to be out for the night yep yep that sounds like a good sleeping bill to me and it mix it with a fruit or something like that you're good to go yeah

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