Why Do We Need Trees? – Facts about trees for kids

everybody please stay together today we are going to learn more about trees who can tell me why we need trees please provide us shade on a hot day like today good snake anybody else knows why trees are so important trees also provide us with food like nuts and fruit and flowers too and professor many animals also live there like birds squirrels and so many others not just animals wood from trees is used to build houses for us besides so many other things very good but I still have not got the answer I am looking for why are trees so important anyone trees provide us with oxygen that we need to breathe to live really professor how is that our body breeds in oxygen and we breathe out carbon dioxide trees do the opposite that is trees breathe in carbon dioxide and release oxygen in this way trees make sure that we have pure oxygen to breathe without which we cannot live professor is that why many people say that we should not cut trees but plant more trees yes it is very important to protect trees and we should also try and plant as many trees as we can kangaroos from Australia what is this looks like a pouch why do kangaroos have pouches

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