Growing Fig Trees fast to produce Figs on Young Trees-Manure and Woodchips

morning all I'm gonna do a really short video I hope on fig trees real quick this big tree which I'm trying to see in the Sun really hard to see my camera in the Sun it's really sunny this thing's about some feet tall and this one was planted last year these came out of my compost we eat a lot of things because we grow a lot of fig trees and they were so tiny they grew last year so my husband stuck this in his garden so there's one and now we're gonna walk through his garden I'm not doing a full garden tour today of his garden by will and there's the other one let's see if I can get over to it and this one yeah about five and a half feet tall and those are his and he's got him growing in and sweet we've hit a patch and I'm not sure what else is this term record ginger or what are these this is turmeric okay well it doesn't matter we're not doing a video thing on you having a migraine today so we'll do that another day okay so this is he's got he stuck the other one I had a few of them I didn't have the heart to throw them away so he's stuck it in there so these are the ones growing in his garden down here the two that we pulled out of the compost now I'm gonna go back and we're gonna go up because my garden is up on top of the hill his is down in the valley I'm gonna go to my garden I'm gonna show you that the trees that I planted same time same age they're just now just barely a little over a year old and I'm gonna show you that one okay now we're back in my garden well this is behind my garden this is where that wall is and these are avocados these are the fig trees I planted there are four of them and they were up in my compost this one's over ten feet tall and it's got bigs the figs on this one are very good have already been eating them they're a light-colored fig and on the inside they're pink and they're very sweet very very good let's see if I can show you where the trunk is on here see the trunk size okay now this has got a bigger trunk this is a very special thing I can't really get a good shot of it and the angle I'm at and this is a really good thing again keep up my nice specs are only a year old these trees they're maybe a year now in a few a couple months okay oh this one's probably about twelve feet tall No fifteen feet tall this is phenomenal I don't know what kind of thing it is remember they're probably hybrid hybrids or who knows I don't know how that works but this big is also greenish has a little color on the outside but when you break it open it's blood red inside so red I should say like a strawberry and my husband I ate him and it was like you're eating a mouthful of strawberries I've never had anything like that before so what we're going to do on this particular fig tree is we're going to try to you know trim some limbs off and arutam because this is an amazing fig tree okay now this massive tree which I'm under I have no idea how the cameras filming this because it's so bright and sunny today I get a sized trunk on that thing I mean it's it's massive again these are all the same age they all came out of my compost last year I didn't trim this right I was trimming these trees and this one's going that way there's the figs on there this is a failure as far as fix this tree from seed looks nice it tastes bad I mean the fig no matter how hard I water it and try to like a fig off of this tree and it's full of figs they taste really bad you break them open they look really good you look like they're gonna be juicy and good you break them open and they're dry they're kind of a light tan inside no matter how long we leave it right I remember there was a field out here a fig trees there was an empty lot and I used to park when I first moved down here and run out there and pick them by the bags and bring them home and they tasted like this really bad so I guess we're gonna end up taking it out and then there's one more I can reach around this way and here's this one this one is just producing figs on the top I have no idea what this one tastes like so I'm hoping we get one more that's good but if not it will probably go but this is just like I said this is another one these are all yearlings and they have good-sized trunks this was the smallest out of all of them now this is what I wanted to show you real quick see these tubs last year my husband built me these wooden tubs I don't know which raised beds I should say get some old scrap wood and he built this one and then he built this one that's there and I wasn't you know I didn't know what I was gonna put something in it so he had so much llama and donkey manure he brought home he had no place to put it he said he used enough we didn't need it I said you know what just fill up these two bins and just leave them nothing but manure just leave them and I'll water it and it will start to break down and then I'll throw a squash in there which I did throw squash in there and it did grow it's too shaded now because of the fig trees so they're not growing that good well we think because of these bins full of the manure breaking down and there's no bottom on these bins completely open it fed these fig trees and that's why the two fig trees closest to these raised beds that were full of llama and donkey manure I guess there would've been horse in there – she's got horses – it fed these trees to the point where it made these massive trunks and this is why they got so big that they're growing all these figs the ones in my husband's garden there's no fix not one fig on those trees same age not one big so it is a heavy feeding of the manure I guess that one had more manure in it too but it didn't have as much when he built me that one I mixed in I guess I was composting in place kitchen scraps there was a little bit of manure in there so that trays not as big but it got more than the one down below in his garden so it ended up with FIGS but didn't get as big these tree trunks are really big again this one had manure in it it said that tree and that had manure in it and of course it fed the other one because I had just told him just fill him up he had he brought home I think two truckloads of it she wanted her yard clean he said sure so I just told just fill it up it'll break down then I'll mix something in it and so these wooden boxes he built me raised beds were full of manure and this is what caused these trees to get so big I mean they just took off they'd sit dormant they sat dormant you know didn't grow real quick in the beginning for like a few months and then all of a sudden they just took off I mean I've been trimming him and trimming him he didn't trim his even he told me he hasn't touched his I've been cutting him off I just didn't cut this branch off so it kind of came down and it covered up the area so it's shaded the area my bagels didn't go here that's when the trash can but that is the reason these trees grew this big in one year was because of the manure so it was getting I guess you could say fed every single day it was the manure was leaching into the ground in the ground around these four fig trees was just full of nutrients and they are heavy feeders they're a ficus and they just took off and start growing but growing from seed is not the best and that's what I was explaining to somebody on one of my youtube videos is that when you grow from seed any of these fruit trees you have no idea what you can end up with you can end up with something fantastic I'm better than ever and I think this is the tree up here I we've got more figs up there they're not ripe yet but this is the tree that we really want to concentrate on because the figs that have been ripening in the one we're eating it's it's you'd almost close your eyes and think you're eating strawberries yeah we we don't understand that but this one tastes like strawberries so we'll see but that's what I wanted to show the ones in his garden down below in his garden is and he did not put the fertilizer like here from the almond or his just grew at a normal pace but mine because of these bins they took off they got massive these massive tree trunks so that's why they grew figs in a year and yes they are only a year old these were baby fig treats they look like weeds coming out of my compost because I do cold composting only so I get all kinds of things growing you know like Oh like David the good who's growing pumpkins well we grew pumpkins and we grew zucchini and they hybridized and when I stayed the seeds or you know I have say seeds but when they grow out of my compost I get the most interesting looking zucchini pumpkin looking things they taste good anyways that's it this is on pigs and I'm going back in and don't forget to eat what you grow bye bye all

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