How to Draw in 1-Point Perspective: Narrated: A Road and Trees

How to Draw in Perspective: Perspective
is a way of showing things in 3-dimensions, on a 2-dimensional flat
piece of paper, to draw in 1-point perspective we need to draw a horizontal line and then on this horizon which represents the line between the sky and
the land, on this horizontal line, we want to put a dot and then from this
vanishing point we can draw two or three lines, in this drawing lets draw three
lines from the vanishing point, coming towards us, towards the base of the paper, once we have got these three lines coming from the vanishing point, coming
towards us, we need to draw a line going towards the left from the vanishing point and this will be the line for the top of the tree trunks, next on the left-hand diagonal line draw a base of a tree, and then we're going to make this into a tree trunk, you might have to draw an extra line, if
you think the first line we drew to the left is a little too high, which I think
mine is, so that we've got the baseline for the bottom of the tree trunk and
then we go to top line for where the tree trunk finishes for each tree, next
we can draw a row of trees that are all straight and all starts at the baseline
and their tree trunks will go up to this high line, these trees need to get smaller
and thinner as they go towards the vanishing point, now we can repeat this
process once we've drawn the trees on the left hand side road we can repeat
this process on the right-hand side of the road too, next it is time to draw the
branches, a series of lines, to divide them would be useful, so I normally draw a
V-shape within a branch, and then from this V-shaped it will branch out into
two more branches and then you can continue this and sometimes you can have branches get behind other branches and sometimes not, just so it looks quite
organic, once we draw these branches we can now
perhaps indicate some of the leaves, with trees I don't you ever ready to draw all of the leaves, just as when you're actually looking at a tree you don't
see all the leaves! you just sort of know that they're there, you are not going to really spend time counting them, in a drawing you can just indicate where they are as well and
just make general shapes in the way that leaves can make sort of clumps of shapes, so that is a very simple way to draw an avenue of trees, you could add some marks to create texture or tone using the 4B pencils I've been using for this drawing,
something like that, or you could add some color to the picture, maybe a sunset
or some color to the road or path and then, if you're going to color it up, you
could add some color into the fields and the trees themselves, for this picture I
use watercolor to color it, but you could use any type of color that you have a
hand, anything would work well, I hope you liked this video and find it useful for
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