Demolition of Two Trees

the focus of my attention is to bring forward major urban regeneration the principle is to open up a new Boulevard linked down to Mill Bay docks which is all part of growing the city to regenerate the area and bring it forward for redevelopment for residential within the city so first of all we did site set up Harris fencing signage etc and we did a removal of asbestos soft strip the building to remove anything that is basically not part of the main structure of the building well the machine does all of the work and it being the driver you've got to be aware of what your demolishing and where it's gonna fall and where it's going to land and also be aware of the surroundings and the men that's working around us what's the weed demolish the the back tournaments of the building machine was able to build a pad to get the height to reach the higher parts of in and we started with the roof and worked down through the building removing all items and separating them into their waste streams then we stopped diminishing to low the scaffold riggers to come down and lower the scaffold to a safe height because we can't have any scaffold it's freestanding as we've demolished in the building we separate the different materials it's not just a question of just flattening the building and loading everything away the recycling is very important where we've got to separate the different products from the building it's really nice to have all of this activity going on the city hasn't seen such activity within the boundaries of the city for quite a long time which is great news the slab will stay in place for the time then we're going to import some crush material for the crane which is going to sit on the side of the pub ready for the sentinel vember for when we lift the footbridge open

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