Minecraft: How To Grow Big Trees (100%) Tutorial

hello everyone and welcome back to another minecraft tutorial in this video I'm going to be showing you how to grow large oak trees with a sapling every single time you try this method now I found this when I was doing some research for the next episode of do you know minecraft and I decided to share this one because the previous method involved using cobblestone and torches and I found that to be a little bit unreliable now as the game gets updated things changing the code and some of the old techniques don't work anymore but this one works perfectly every single time so what you've got to do is place down a sapling then diagonal to it put two blocks like so and it's this block here that needs to either be glass or a slab like this and then remove the block down below and then you can grow the tree now this will work if you leave it to grow both naturally which will take a long time and if you use bonemeal which can also take up to a stack or more and you can see on our first drive we've got a big large tree right here now this technique works as I said every single time so it's really important to understand that this method isn't always going to create big trees like this one right here what it will do though is always create the large tree type now this type of tree will try and grow extra high it will try to spawn extra branches and amounts of leaves as well but it doesn't always succeed in doing that and sometimes you'll get a smaller tree like this one over here you can see it sort of got an extra group of leaves over on this side but no extra branches now this one over here is the smallest possible type of large tree that you can get and it looks as about the same size as a regular tree so it's one thing to keep in mind this is a large tree right here it's just the smallest possible variant of it that the game can actually create so you're always going to get a large tree type that doesn't necessarily mean a large tree however you can see from the few that we've done here these ones aren't too common so I wanted to find out the average amount of bonemeal this technique would use so I set up this testing environment all of these trees have been hand grow basically I came over here with some saplings I'd go into survival mode use up some bone meal and then tally up how much I used each time now on average it's 20 bone meal per tree however sometimes you could get away with just using one or two pieces of bone meal and sometimes it would use over a stack so it can be quite stubborn but on average it uses 20 bonemeal per tree so here's an unused copy of the testing environment and by the way when I did the bonemeal test there weren't all of these saplings here I did them one by one what I wanted to show you in this world though was that these trees can grow naturally with this method as well so let's set the text speed to 1000 and straightaway you can see that these trees start popping up and the large ones are absolutely everywhere and that's causing my game to lag so we're going to slow it down to 100 and have a little fly around so you can see here most of the times and the trees are very big occasionally we get the smallest variant of the large tree and one last thing that I wanted to mention is that I did mess around with adding extra blocks like at this height and then this light to see if we could force it to grow higher but my testing was really inconclusive it kind of felt sometimes like it was but then again sometimes you would see some of these smaller trees where the leaf box here had simply been replaced by the glass that was already there so I'd say that's inconclusive but this technique for now should do you just fine and that's it for me this video as always if you've enjoyed it leave a like down below and check out the tutorials play this for more useful things that you can do in your survival world but anyway that's it for me so thank you for watching and I'll catch you next time buh-bye

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