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you want to get a divorce where are you all my life where has no idea been this morning ball away shane byrne do you love marry me i want i have offered a job got i know we both need time and space left nine months will be there sufficient please don't forget please how are you because we haven't had time to talk yet well it was a bit crazy first this wolf and then the one lightning bolt our friend has lost his memory Patrick is coming from the Kobiashvili hospital today and andy are getting him together I will leave you alone for now because whenever i tell him i would be his doing if we on the shoulder and says good joke how did it go, yes we kissed goodbye she let the plane turn around because he wanted to kiss me again he has to you can kiss damn good says the right one you are a man and he leaves the church what is now i get his item ski his flowers his house key has not yet been given for the next nine months anyone now you can sniff around you know it something like that is out of the question for me if you have doubts you should do it i have not the plane for retirement i have seen guys who are reversed because you forgot your ham sandwich Thank you for understanding banks it is true a dog also only becomes too sniff when you tell him he is on a ship exploring whales I don't think there are so many women you can sniff anyway i know jack well enough by now we're together with everything that goes with science, exactly one woman reese what do you see I get mail and will water his flowers is not just anyone's job so honestly you will always be my neighbors to do that i can take you with you well how is it out there looks like the group still belongs together can i see god clearly you should have seen earlier they jumped and played to show off the idlers because one a few fans have to work properly i try to take it easy yes and me Thought you are lying in the sun again let's see you for a rescue you should wear something you just turned ten that summer you opened the den it was the fourth of july for the first time I gave you something about the confiscated fireworks you that after nine excuse me then the halls heard mine me but you will him we need more tips i wasn't expecting so much i can't believe that they are really all friends of patrick hey they know him better than yourself hello ladies i was hoping i would could help you somehow, of course, that you could enter that here hey you are not so innocent i saw exactly where you eyes your eyes has is i have to offer a lot did you really weren't interested in me not history a bit almost related i don't know you know what not how you arrive why believe me you can do it It actually turned out to be a real one, it's just that I haven't been with it for over ten years a fire together not even with my own you only need one a little freshening up don't say anything more you get a special offer 6 ticks eni everything is fine what are you doing out here I do not know not to endure this condition for so full 26 years of his life pass him and he remembers nothing at all and me am about six months of which only a blink of an eye just had to give him time just got out of the hospital you said it would take a while come on, come in with me, i am raving about patrick forster go back to the office there is a bunch waiting but it is already clear that it is nine o'clock but first concentrate on yourself and patrick I can to help you in the office tomorrow really really chic said I had to I take care of a few things for him then I can take care of you too as now jack has moved away from greedy mia san mia only when he has missed you im reason and because of his plants he only had a short time from the ship talking on the phone is pretty difficult or you know maybe too icy anyway he got in touch with her although the year before he can't even contact me remember and I'm even here just don't remember you right now do not forget to think positively my love exactly you there we are two layers that's me your mama, I have us already recognized nicely that you are back thanks is unfortunately his first day here again later that's you with hello because you're not cool at your radio station then the fans all over the world or well mainly here in erfurt it's just a small transmitter that looks good there you are at the bar with electricity I was also somewhere else than in shift or on the radio station none you already know friends from college well i think people my age you travel and do crazy things you liked to live and work here it wasn't a problem because it never was you I have already left alaska but once with me annie in new york that knows no i don't know anything anymore you can hear this diaz it's just a waste of time for all of us it works not and I know why I don't have a life that I like remember, can you only say that she's here on this is my life all day you talked to me because you want to that I remember but maybe it's better if not apparently i'm just boring no patrick patrick Yes Someone from jane is seen where they speak urgently since the hospital no longer why there is so maybe i can ask you my question let's say you've found something that you shouldn't find You're weak that slipped around but I wasn't snooping around like that I do something after what every woman likes to sniff like all men lie finally told me ok then I ask what is her purely by chance Something finds if it falls into your lap in the truest sense of the word but before you helped a little and shaking it vigorously is very easy for me So fell in the lap and I shouldn't know anything about it and I wanted to also do not even know what would you do the appropriate authorities what haste found someone of you knows a donna is a doner kebab in the lap please jerome you can't get a dollar off homer thunder camos ketchikan fleckchen is what makes ericsson think about it it doesn’t ring my bell but remember you remember donna think oh yes she came with a cross i had this woman had patrick I have no idea that is beautiful finally the face to the voice on the phone yes finally you are completely different from what I thought I thought you were older with, thanks, I'll do that again, you're café also a junior that would be great oh I hope you have made your favorite dish right there it is forgot i am so sorry they are waiting for me in the ice rink i have that promised in jerome you can watch the training I thought we'd both decided to have lunch together, yes you know what pulling your thing through i have enough to do here i don't want to be absent from the first training session i should be there that's not the point says go it's still because of patrick and some things against patrick and english wedding the bar was closed and closed for a pond you have already explained all this long and broad I went to the office to get our license back of course i thought we had agreed our relationship would have top priority already forgotten you wanted me back here I'm ready to change things and you hey i'm too late which is unimportant you know you don't have to watch the show here I can do it on my own until Patrick comes back, but I can do it not and i need as much support as possible you can tell the saying that absence makes longing flourish but what if this absence also makes love disappear I understand that well, I'm meanwhile all things from Patrick went through it so he remembers me again remembered but maybe i wasn't his girlfriend long enough to be important It doesn't matter how long you are know someone and be important to him is not true I think we're on the air Excuse me, please, I'm just asking our guest presenter any you know all of you any patrick hello my friend annie and i have just met entertain how much time it takes to be important in someone else's life A chance meeting is enough for six months a decade has Shakespeare said he write for the immortality writers hope the written word keeps the memory of you alive but books can be lost wanted to be erased stories change when all these variables work against you how do you experience which impression you are have done Isn't there too much going on on may modesty is something for idiots real women attack well I also look dangerous but Here these groups serve with and do the whole thing again at home then give you mostly move but don't tell your friends i have that patent don't you make any notes yes i do you love i'm sorry and really not to bring the bears any more honey that wanted to have this little love nest these are my favorites really and that was an interesting raw food location is from the best my name is hot and chocolate makes her feel like you've had sex in case the beef should not work but what does that want to mess everything up little beginner don't worry you talk with one eye i'm one little beginner in the art of seduction after all, i played the street car industry, which is a huge one seductive yes only one does not play this eroticism with you here omeyer I know that you do everything more directly and can i help you i would say i will help you over i will help with maria riesch thinks i can do it alone I'm married to the hottest needs in town or maybe not so good if mary starts talking and women always do that they only believe in you constantly in eye contact something if I blink briefly afterwards and then quickly if you answer eats there so she comes closer I can't understand that whisper then when her face is very close to yours like now then you have her in under his spell she is ready for wax in her hands final you see you are defenseless let me be satisfied we finish hello here is jack leave a message darling have you left Without calling me I can only hope that you will be there lying outside completely forgets i miss you dollar has not been unsympathetic to the ordinary as if it were sheep pink toenails i worry because she calls in darling yes i was I hadn't thought that something ordinary would forget what I would I just said no hasty conclusions can make me the evil six also like to take the past in front of his door pregnant that is true sweetheart we try in the forest if you want to talk you should have called can you don't have to take me into the wilderness sorry i did called you but you were never there you were lost and annie took care of the patrick cunning help here now also at work is then maybe we just need to find these prints oh what pursuit talked here try deer deer deer I don't know who qualified to find their deer as newborn new yorkers in imported leather says you come from the label wow you need a dollar or no i am much too disappointed with My favorite is then one with lots of chocolate chips I really thought these images trigger something in him you know we shouldn't be anymore judging by clichés they say lightning doesn't hit you twice but we are smart with some aluminum foil or cable we could honestly have So this is something that I would never forget that's it i know how we can help patrick good morning mr never good morning supervisor dick i'm completely exhausted because of patrick that's me too i just wanted to know if you tried everything to awaken his memories of course he cooked his favorite meal and I like the music he plays even had it built at your school in case it all sounds pretty good but i'm not sure if that was really possible I hope you understand what I mean now what is wrong she wants to say yes is that there are different ways of memory to stimulate again we don't think in the usual way clichés you understand oh yes so what i want to say is when patrick shining inside tonight just shows him what he likes best in the bedroom no patrick are just getting back to me to get to know and who doesn't want to be the kind of young who just go along with them a stranger have sex so please take your o'donnell goes Think about it may I see too the red glow from last year to deviate over a mile yes no coincidence because I get warmer every year, how long have you two been doing this? if i'm not mistaken it's now four months swear by god gary i spend more time with you than with my husband it must be difficult yes one real challenge stop complaining my significant other is a dog me I've heard you talked to a Meryn on the phone, is that your wife or girlfriend i love to know marien is a woman just that I stink when I talk to you guys on 7 worse than scene meets often or I wait for it with her meet if I had to go they had just got closer bad timing it takes a long time to prove that the deer are here in my life Apparently it's just a matter of proving that something exists hirer a relationship box with jack you and jackie since real I can say that you don't look like this uncertainty at all, maybe I would feel better feel and have solid ground under your feet and I could say who is almost schilksee the desert but the man is there on the high seas I badly confront him with it all right so I tell you what surely your worries too because then you're already on the same side of the continent and how can you be sure of your relationship because it is something serious right me I keep forgetting that your plane in the relationship it just has a small one change given we both got married from the front who his witnesses we shouldn't make a big deal out of the mess with patrick and ernie very much considerate so we are simply to the registry office gone they didn't have time to get rings anymore I'm also just a little jealous of squinting to go crazy if you really want to know it's thunder had to see jack ask probably very unimportant and you will be calmed down again and where do you have yours gift list and williams-sonoma we ask everyone to honor a sapling plant and what should your house stand on in the future is not okay If you don't want to come in, everything is okay, I mean you did before normal things were still worn these things were my normal comfortable clothes but now I feel anything but normal just sorry to hear that so i didn't mean really forget it No don't you want to sit down too, please it's nice to see you again i said you have problems with your eyes do you have problems with your voice what why are you talking so quietly and why Do you look at me as if you were about to mold yourself into one of those and you know how to make a woman feel special you manage to scare and frighten me I think we do tolerated another time that was great to be the best the chances are slim that something like this will happen again hello hello how are you marien do you understand me ok i have to tell you what i like to say i like a smell so much and i miss you I should have said that first, I miss you, yes I have one shirt we have – just out here but me love it i love it also found a business card in it what you got me sent a card marent and that's our room, well that's it, we haven't been together that long I was used to being a good roommate the best Did you do that, no, these are only memories that have to do with you, I thought they would help her but just later no, it helps to see that I was interested in something otherwise there is just this terrible empty fund you will live with the energy of a tiger in bed like nothing here is the book you read before the accident that you liked very much I have marked the place but I know you have I can go back from starts at the beginning that's a fact No dollar london half of the night was amazing I also fell with you but it was really me I have the feeling I have to apologize to you because I have you with the have cheated i have to go now i still have to work you are your own boss right there you need all your discipline otherwise you won't get anywhere but i will call you we should we see me call us living with us we should be on our honeymoon now and by the way there are no telephones at all in the rooms this is yours seriously, however, we have to do something, see you kloeppel said i love you was maybe the talk of his shirt yes something can easily be confused i still don't know who donna is she is on the positive side you can probably look at his radio does not do either the house will now show that ok I am constantly looking at problems with his car, which is great, fantastic, you have you always wished yes but it's too much because you don't have to do it I wanted to do nothing about it lately it has been pretty bad me I think so I just wanted to show you that I'm very sorry if i don't hope that you will me now every time we argue big present makes okay no that would be too expensive how about the little test drive okay i'm the 70 dollar what i want to say took a minute tips ilia ok class busy as you can see me just wanted to thank you when you hooked me up you speak at all yesterday i tried to seduce his son in the bedroom as you seduce me said anna loos get in and it was great ok my son is a fantastic lover and what's a problem this man is not patrick i want to pee mary when i would like to apologize to you because i spoiled our evening yesterday I was an idiot but don't hold it against me you you weren't you either, right i was badly advised how i i played another man's game my real me is like I've discovered a bit old fashioned I get up old-fashioned and you might find yourself in a long-distance relationship don't know how do you put this before where should i come from Know that you'll remember me when we never I will never forget you and especially not when we write to each other writing writing that sounds very romantic mail department alaska radio report for research ship 69 echo was the thing can sometimes be quite annoying when you try to reach men got separated earlier i know what it is it's so frustrating i am in the middle of a sentence with jim and then there is only noise he really is always patient i'm sure she understands is just that your thoughts mostly in the fast lane i'll write you an apology your absence and the bad received when the world withdrew from it is trying to escape really not bad or I didn't even know that it was official we players have already started a hockey school for some of the children here Did you already have his fans engaged? It was voluntary offered to test the hot dogs taste very big titles we want everything to stay in our hands procure it's not the most romantic gesture in the world but it's pretty awesome I want you to leave a part of it too do you know now where my name is on things i have to put my image on it respect, think highly of China i am i found your card and i would not like to introduce it I am a relationship advisor the best to speak openly about everything i know i read your book what you don't say so thank you i guess what I actually say the list I don't have any checks and obviously know you jack too and believe me i should be asking this question for the moment in the middle of the behring, more on a research trip and the reception is on pretty bad anyway what i want to say is in What relationship do you have with him because you are my direct kind of thunder there is probably no really good way of asking questions like that, that's just me laughing cause i'm not sure what you think but i'm jacks mother his mother but her name i got married again correctly of course okay start again it's very nice she knows yes i am they also know too much about them, he tells jagger stop hey i feel the dishes that are not right Did I do something wrong, no it's just because we always have done together you did the dishes and I did dried off we probably already had a real routine we had i wish i had it not passed I can't do that anymore ok then let it go make me do that I can't keep telling you what we've done and I can tell you also don't say what we didn't do and I can't not kiss Without thinking about how it used to be why I can't pretend I would do not mind i think it's best for both of us if i get my own room again pull I'm really sorry they also from his mother why didn't i even figure it out because jack apparently not a guy you are a mother has such an idiot At least she stays with you, I've never spoken to his mother on the phone I wish I could talk to jack crazy.

This whole thing was going through and he has no idea that our search for the traces already behind us lies the rain will wash them all in front you're right life could be so beautiful if we could capture certain moments the times when we are happy we knew we were loved game but we can't do it instead try again to trace the footprints that maybe already have long since faded fight each time for the memories of such moments for the time you injured and we try to make new acquaintances whom we hope will be outlast time hans failed in communication, little remains behind I can't wait to see you and how nifty You know that gave us that we were important and that someone loved us In the end, the memory may make it all you have.

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