Minecraft PE 0.11.0+ Survival Survival Island Seed! Trees + Cave… Also See The Void in 0.11!

welcome back for another minecraft pocket edition seed today I have a really cool seed for you as a survival island and it comes from our viewer Cody I'm also going to show you a new thing I found in zero point 11 and that is you can fly down into the void alright let's get going here the seed is going to be fidget with a capital F let's go ahead and create this world if any of you have seeds you'd like to see send them my way and I will gladly make a video let's fly up right here and we'll see that we have a nice good sized island with a lot of trees so it's everything you need to get started I think this will be an awesome place to do a survival island that's a drop in here the other thing I want to show you is down in the void and I'm going to dig somewhere in the middle here because we should run into a a cavern and we do let's get a torch on the bar and we'll see that there's actually a nice little cave system here it has a decent and decent size so you should check this out as well can run down here save ourselves somebody gun all right and so we can continue to go on I want to show you the void now you can continue dig in dig in dig in dig in dig in dig in dig in and now that we've reached bedrock I'll do a little bit of flying so if you are in creative mode which you can always change to nowadays you can actually fly pretty far down underneath the Boyd you used to always die right away but now you can do some good interesting things down under it alright guys I hope you liked the seat if you did leave me a like it helps out a lot if you want me some more money craft Pocket Edition seeds make sure you subscribe I have a good one

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